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Collecting Data: IBM Connections 4.0 and 4.5 Files

Technote (troubleshooting)


Gathering this information before calling IBM support will reduce the time that it takes to understand and resolve your problem.

Diagnosing the problem

Collecting Log information can be automated (using IBM Support Assistant Lite (ISA Lite)) or collected manually.
Automated data collection:
Collecting the following log information is automated in the IBM Support Assistant Lite (ISA Lite) tool for IBM Connections. This tool is included with the product and can be found:
<IBM Connections program dir>\data\shared\tools\isa

To run the ISA tool, please follow these steps:
1. Since the tool is a Java application, it is necessary to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable before the tool can start.

Execute the following script:

AIX® or Linux®:


2. Run ISALiteConsole.bat script in the <IBM Connections program dir>\data\shared\tools\isa directory
3. Follow the prompts to gather the data set for the problem component. Make sure you specify the cluster name of the WebSphere Application Server where the component is deployed.

Detailed instructions on running and using the tool can be found here:

When running the ISALite Collector, you can edit or modify the trace setting. Support may ask that additional trace settings be applied during ISA Collection.

Manual data collection:

Collecting the following data before contacting support will help expedite problem determination and resolution of the problem:

1. Provide a precise description of the issue, screenshots, error messages, and steps to reproduce.

2. Please provide Connection environment details:
IBM Connections version and fix level.
LDAP type, version, fix level
Amount of RAM on each of the server nodes
Is this a pilot or production installation?
Is this a new installation or an upgrade from an earlier version?
How many nodes in the cluster and are components installed to a single or multiple jvm's?
Is the problem reproducible on all nodes?
What browser types and versions are in use and is the issue reproducible on the supported browsers?
Is there a SSO solution in front of IBM Connections (Siteminder, TAM, Spnego)?
Please outline any customization that you may have.
What changes occurred in the environment prior to the issue?

3. Tracing can be very verbose. If tracing is requested by support, follow these steps.

a. Log in to the IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) administration console using an administrator ID
b. Go to Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace -> Logging and Tracing -> Server 1 (or server Files is installed on) -> Diagnostic Trace Server -> Change Log Detail Levels -> please add the following *string and click Apply -> OK

Files Component Trace:

General Files issue***=all


c. Restart the WAS server after moving existing logs to another directory (or delete)

d. Reproduce the problem.
Note: If the issue can be reproduced on a single node, shut down all other nodes prior to reproducing the problem.

e. Provide support a compressed copy of the logs directory %WAS_HOME%/profiles/appSrv01/logs (trace.log, systemout.log, systemerr.log and FFDC logs) from the node.

along with LotusConnections-config.xml and oa-config.xml located in directory %WAS_HOME%\profiles\(your profile)\config\cells\(your cell)\LotusConnections-config

Other files to collect:

Collect a Fiddler Trace

Fiddler is a tool for monitoring requests made and received by a web browser. This information is often invaluable when troubleshooting a problem with IBM Connections. Due to the AJAX nature of Connections, an error message may not always display the true cause of the error. A fiddler trace helps all requests or responses that may have been made.

Fiddler can be downloaded from

Close all other browser windows before opening Fiddler, then log into Connections. Run the Fiddler application. Have the user perform the operation that is causing the error. When the action has been completed, save the results in Fiddler by choosing File > Save > All Sessions.

Configure Fiddler to decrypt the https request:

Select "Decrypt HTTP traffic" and ""Ignore server Certificate errors.

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Software version: 4.0, 4.5

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