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Validation step when backing up the TPC Database

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How can I be sure that my periodic database backups are valid in case they are needed for recovery?


Various factors can cause a database backup that completes successfully within DB2, to be reported as invalid when trying to restore the TPCDB database from it. For example the following message may unexpectedly be displayed when trying to restore the database: SQL2530N


As referenced in several procedures within the TPC infocenter site, periodic database backups are a critical step to protect the data that TPC has collected in the event of unexpected problems. It has however been observed that database backup files reported by DB2 to have been created successfully, are later found to be invalid or corrupt for one reason or another. This is not always noticed until the backup file is needed for recovery purposes. Backup files can become corrupt if the media they are stored on has problems, or in certain cases the backup will complete but the restore operation will expose problems present in the database that existed prior to taking the backup, resulting in a failed database restore operation.

A quick validation step within DB2 upon completing a backup database command is to issue the following DB2 command against the newly created backup file: db2ckbkp -h, supplying the name of the backup file created by the backup db command.

An example of this command and it's output:

      C:\bkp>db2ckbkp -h TPCDB.0.DB2.NODE0000.CATN0000.20130418080828.001

      Server Database Name -- TPCDB
      Server Database Alias -- TPCDB
      Client Database Alias -- TPCDB
      Timestamp -- 20130418080828
      Database Partition Number -- 0
      Instance -- DB2
      Sequence Number -- 1
      Release ID -- D00
      Database Seed -- 51BFFDF8
      DB Comment's Codepage (Volume) -- 0
      DB Comment (Volume) --
      DB Comment's Codepage (System) -- 0
      DB Comment (System) --
      Authentication Value -- 255
      Backup Mode -- 0
      Includes Logs -- 0
      Compression -- 0
      Backup Type -- 0
      Backup Gran. -- 0
      Merged Backup Image -- 0
      Status Flags -- 1
      System Cats inc -- 1
      Catalog Partition Number -- 0
      DB Codeset -- UTF-8
      DB Territory --
      LogID -- 1366297445
      LogPath -- C:\DB2\NODE0000\SQL00002\SQLOGDIR\
      Backup Buffer Size -- 15601664
      Number of Sessions -- 1
      Platform -- 5

      The proper image file name would be:

      [1] Buffers processed: ########

      Image Verification Complete - successful.

If there are any errors detected, the DB2 support team should be engaged via the PMR process for analysis of why the backup file reports errors, and to perform root cause analysis of why the backup job completed successfully yet created a bad backup file.

This quick, extra step can save future frustration and add a level of assurance that your TPC server is protected and that you can more reliably recover from unexpected circumstances.

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