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You receive a 406 (0x196) during a Tivoli onbar restore

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You see errors similar following in the bar_act.log :

2013-04-07 22:04:49 16580698 9175096 XBSA Error (BSAInit): An unspecified XBSA error has occured: 406

2013-04-07 22:04:49 16580698 9175096 (-43140) Due to the previous error, logical restore will not be attempted.


#define DSM_RC_NO_OPT_FILE 406 /* No default user configuration file*/


According to the Tivoli data protection manuals error 406 is DSM_RC_NO_OPT_FILE.

Set DSMI_CONFIG environment variable. Verify that the non-root user has read permission for the client options file specified by
DSMI_CONFIG. Otherwise dsmInit/dsmInitEx will fail with return code DSM_RC_NO_OPT_FILE (406).

For example, the following options file is not readable by a non-root user, therefore the file's permissions need to be updated:

$ ls -l $DSMI_CONFIG
-rwx------ 1 root sys 86 Oct 7 13:07 /testfsapi/callmt_nr/dsm.opt
$ su root

# chmod a+r /testfsapi/callmt_nr/dsm.opt
# exit

$ ls -l $DSMI_CONFIG
-rwxr--r-- 1 root sys 86 Oct 7 13:07 /testfsapi/callmt_nr/dsm.opt

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