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What does the presence of the Crash Reporter button in the toolbar of IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) signify?


It is not clear why the Crash Reporter button in RSA's toolbar appears.



The Crash Reporter button appears in RSA every time at least one Java core dump generated by RSA is present in RSA's installation directory. This can occur either because RSA has crashed or because the generation of a Java stack trace has been requested by the user.

When you click on the Crash Reporter button, you will be presented with a list of all the time stamped Java cores that are present in RSA'S installation directory. If you expand either of them, you will see:

  1. The full path to the Java core

  2. The full path to an associated system core, if any

  3. The full path to an associated portable heap dump, if any

  4. The date and time at which the event occurred (this date matches the timestamp of the Java core)

  5. The location of the aforementioned crash files (which is RSA's installation directory)

  6. The cause of the crash (either a native or Java library, or a user generated request)

  7. A suggested action that could help you understand why RSA crashed.

Furthermore, you have options to view the Java core or the report details inside RSA and to delete all this information.

Having said that, the mere presence of a Crash Reporter button in RSA's toolbar does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with RSA. For instance, if you have explicitly asked that a Java core be generated, there is definitely nothing wrong with the presence of the Crash Reporter button. Also, if the Crash Reporter button appears, and the Crash Report specifies that the crash was generated by a native library, it is very likely that an issue with the underlying operating system has caused RSA to crash.

However, if you actually encounter issues that cause RSA to crash, the Crash Reporter will let you find data that can be used by IBM Rational Client Support to help you solve them.

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