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CDM - How the process allocation works

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How are Word and Excel processes allocated or handled in CDM ?


The need to understand and link the number of open Excel/Word objects to the number of open processes.


In CDM, each open object will have a Word or Excel process attached to it - that process is started when the object is opened and terminated when the object is closed.

To further emphasize on the functionality : when the initial object is opened (same across all object types), two process will be launched (one for the background process and the other for the active one). It is implemented this way to prevent any external documents processes mixing up with CDM processes.

Any additional object opened thereafter will launch one process - so if one more object is opened, it will be 3 processes, 2 initial one for the additional object.

If an object is terminated (tab is closed), then the process will be terminated. If the last object is closed, then all processes will be terminated.

Example: If the user has at some point 2 Word objects open and 3 Excel objects open, there will be 3 processes for Word and 4 processes for Excel. If 2 Excel objects are closed down, they will go down to 2 Excel processes. Upon closing the last one, all excel processes will be terminated.

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