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How to bookmark diagrams and classes in Rational Software Architect

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How can you create bookmarks for diagrams, classes or methods in IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) in order to be able to quickly navigate to those resources later?


You would like to create bookmarks for diagrams or other modeling resources the same way you do for a given line of code.



Select the element you wish to bookmark in the Project Explorer view and then click the Edit > Add Bookmark... menu.

You can then see all your bookmarks in the Bookmarks View that can be opened via the Window > Show view -> Bookmarks menu or through the CTRL + 3 shortcut by typingbookmark and selecting the Bookmarks view.

Elements such as classes and activities can also be bookmarked from within a diagram. If you select such an element in a diagram, click the Edit > Add bookmark menu and it will be bookmarked. Later, if you open the bookmark, the diagram will be displayed and the chosen element will be selected.

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