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Should both the IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) Agent and RPT Controller be the same version on the same machine?


You want to upgrade the RPT workbench without disturbing the installations for RPT agent machines or vice-versa.


It is strongly recommended to maintain both RPT Controller and RPT Agent at the same version for best results.

    • Having both at the same version helps rule out possibilities while troubleshooting errors encountered during the load testing from RPT.
    • Having both at the same version helps to keep the controller and agent in sync with the package rule (defined below).

Packages rules:

  • An update package of type RPT v.r.m (for example 8.2.1) is an update package to RPT v.r (for example 8.2).
  • An update package of type RPT v.r.m.f (for example is an update package to RPT v.r.m (for example 8.2.1).
    • You can not apply v.r.m.f (for example directly on v.r. (for example 8.2)
    • You cannot apply v.r.m.f (for example directly to v.r.m of a different m (for example 8.2.1)

      Example: You have RPT 8.2 and wish to update to RPT You will need to download both 8.2.1 and update packages.

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