Some characters are not processed by LogfileAgent properly

Technote (troubleshooting)


Some characters used in FORMAT definition may not be processed as expected.
In this case, not only the CLASS but also other CLASSes definition may not work.
This symptom could be seen some Windows environment.

Resolving the problem

If following FORMAT definition does not work as expected, REGEXP could work well.

<NG case>
FORMAT Test_class
%s* {%s*
-org_msg $1
str $2
msg PRINT("DROP-MSG %s", org_msg)

<OK case>
REGEX Test_class
^(.*) +\x7b(.*)$
-org_msg $1
str $2
msg PRINT("DROP-MSG %s", org_msg)

OK case uses HEX code \x7b for the character {

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