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Discover Page - video link error message indicates Adobe Flash player needs to be installed

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There are two conditions when a video link from the Notes 9 Social Edition Discover Page may display an error:

  1. When you do not have Adobe Flash player installed - the Flash player is necessary for viewing videos from the Discover Page.
  2. When a video link is unavailable, or your internet connection is bad.

In both of these cases, the following error appears:

"Missing Flash Plugin
Flash is needed to play this video. You will need to install Flash using a browser outside of Notes.
Please copy this URL into your browser address bar: to download and install the current version of Flash."

Diagnosing the problem

If you simply follow Adobe's website when installing Adobe Flash Player, by default it will install Adobe Flash Player 12 ActiveX, which is only for Internet Explorer.

For these videos to play, you need Adobe Flash Player 12 Plugin. So if you don't see Adobe Flash Player 12 Plugin on the machine where you're having an issue playing videos, install the plugin by following this link:

For Step 1, select the operating system you are running.
For Step 2, select the correct Flash Player version for your browser:

Resolving the problem

If you have Flash installed on your system, please check your internet connection.

NOTE: If you already have the Flash Player installed with Google Chrome™, some videos, such as those linked from the Notes Discover Page, may work in the Chrome browser, but not in Notes.

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Modified date: 15 December 2015

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