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Pull replication command removed documents from replica on source server

Technote (troubleshooting)


Administrator issued command on ServerB:

"pull ServerA db.nsf"

And caused fixup running for db.nsf on source serverA immediately.

It leads to several corrupted document with corrupted attachments deleted by consistency check.

Before fixup, these documents can be opened in Notes client.


Following message in console log was noticed for scheduled replication prior to issue happened:

"One or more of the source document's attachment are missing.
Run fixup to delete the document in the source database."


It looks like a missing attachment was detected in the database before the replication was started. This would cause the database to be marked as needing fixup.

The document with the damage might have been bad for a while.

When fixup finds a damaged document, fixup deleted it without a deletion
stub, so a good copy of the document can be replicated back in.
In this way, fixup work with replication to restore bad documents from a database.

If there is no replica, the database should be backed up so documents can be restored if fixup deletes them.

Resolving the problem

Administrator restored the missing documents from backup database.

To get alert in advance, suggesting administrator to run program document for consistency check:

Fixup -L will only check the notes in a database which have been changed
since the last time fixup has been run.

The -L causes fixup to log all the errors for the databases.

Running fixup with the -F option will do a full fixup and check all the notes in the database.

The -C option just checks the database and does not delete notes found
to have a problem.

To just check the database for damaged notes without deleting them use
fixup with the -L -F -C options.

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