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How to setup Teat RealTime to not analyse macro in source code

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How do you get macro in source code not to be analysed when using IBM Rational Test RealTime?


Your source code includes a macro, for example SAMPLE_CRITICAL_SECTION(), while you do not like the macro not to be alalysed during test by changing the source code as shown below.

#ifdef RTRT_REST
#pragma attol stop_analyze
#ifdef RTRT_REST
#pragma attol start_analyze

Note: SAMPLE_CRITICAL_SECTION( ) is a macro.


SAMPLE_CRITICAL_SECTION is already a macro so you can change its definition in the parser settings or even on the preprocessing command line through -D option in Rational Test RealTime.

For example, change the definition using the preprocessing command line as follows:

  1. Go to Build > Compiler > Preprocessing-only flags

  2. Add the following parameter:
    • -DSAMPLE_CRITICAL_SECTION="#pragma attol stop_analyze;<actual code>;#pragma start_analyze"

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Software version: 8.0

Operating system(s): Windows

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Modified date: 03 April 2013