ZeusSearch index directory is full of *.cfs files

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The ZeusSearch\index\index_backup folder has many *.cfs files. Can they be deleted?


The .cfs files are found under C:\Program Files (x86)\Tivoli\TSM\SharePoint\DocAve5\Manager\ZeusSearch\index\index_backup, assuming the default installation path. The exact directory can be different if the installation path was modified, but the directory structure will still be the same. These files are generated by the Full Text Index function and will be used when you execute the full text search feature in the restore controller. When setting up the backup plans, you have the option to enable Full Text Index in the Advanced tab. Here is a screen shot to show where the option is:

Enabling this option will allow you to do Full Text search in the restore controller by creating those cfs files. If disk space is an issue, you can deselect this option. You can also remove the existing cfs files if desired. By doing so, you will not be able to use the Full Text search function, but there are other search functions you can use in the restore controller.

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