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"The buffer pool is too full to bring in another page" in IBM Notes client

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When saving documents or opening views in the Notes client, the client display the error message "The buffer pool is too full to bring in another page" and the operation might also fail.


This is a memory error, and can occur if the client is using too much memory, e.g. running background agents that require lots of document data in memory simultaneously. However, this has been observed in cases where there wasn't an especially large amount of memory in use, or where nothing has apparently changed from before.

If this is not a case of actually using huge amounts of memory, there are two likely causes:

  • The notes.ini parameter NSF_Buffer_Pool_size_MB has been set to a value that's too low. This is unlikely, because generally this variable isn't set at all, and its default value (which is calculated based on a percentage of available memory) is usually ample for normal use.
  • The system is low on available disk space for swap files. This is the likeliest explanation, especially in cases where the error suddenly started occurring and nothing about the client had changed.

Resolving the problem

Check the notes.ini file for the NSF_Buffer_Pool_size_MB parameter; if it is present, delete it (or comment it out), and restart Notes.

If your OS has a tool for freeing up disk space (e.g. by deleting temporary files), use it.

If freeing disk space doesn't improve matters, it's possible that your Notes client is running some new agent or subprocess that uses a lot of memory. Experiment with the setting NSF_Buffer_Pool_size_MB to different values. However, setting this parameter larger may have adverse effects on other programs.

You might also check whether there are other processes running on your computer that are using particularly large amounts of memory (use Task Manager in Windows, or similar program in other operating systems). See whether shutting down those processes gets rid of this error message.

If Notes itself is using memory in excess of 200MB, disable the ability to run background agents, and see whether that makes a difference. This is menu File / Preferences, Basic Notes Client Configuration, checkbox "Enable scheduled local agents," in the "Startup and shut down" group at the top of that window. Otherwise, consult your local Notes system administrator to determine whether there are additional libraries loading with your Notes client that may be using extra memory, and whether any of them can be disabled.

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