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Does COM support many to many parent child relationship

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Foundation allows the user to create many to many parent child relationships between orderlines by specifying the same under OrderLineRelationship tag during createOrder API call. Sample input:

<Order DocumentType="0001"

DraftOrderFlag="Y" EnterpriseCode="DEFAULT"

OrderNo="Order1" SellerOrganizationCode="DEFAULT">


<OrderLineRelationship RelationshipType="Type1">

<ParentLine PrimeLineNo="1"SubLineNo="1" />

<ChildLinePrimeLineNo="3" SubLineNo="1" />


<OrderLineRelationship RelationshipType="Type1">

<ParentLinePrimeLineNo="2" SubLineNo="1" />

<ChildLine PrimeLineNo="3"SubLineNo="1" />





ItemGroupCode="PROD" OrderedQty="1"

PrimeLineNo="1" SubLineNo="1">







ItemGroupCode="PROD" OrderedQty="1"

PrimeLineNo="2" SubLineNo="1">


ItemShortDesc="Item2" UnitOfMeasure="EACH">




ItemGroupCode="PROD" OrderedQty="1"

PrimeLineNo="3" SubLineNo="1">


ItemShortDesc="Item3" UnitOfMeasure="EACH">





Can COM screen recognize these relationships and display the orderlines accordingly across screens(say Line Summary screen, tool tips on Add Item screen etc)?


Although our foundation layer provides a way of creating custom associations between lines, in one to many, many to one, many to many relationships but in COM we only support One to One parent-child relationship.


Even if Many to One or Many to Many parent-child relationship are created outside COM, it does not understand those relationships and shows only one line as the parent line. If there is a need to build and maintain a complex map of these relationships in memory, the customers are expected to write a custom logic to iterate through the 1:1 relationships recorded between the lines and build an appropriate custom model, which can be used for display, tooltips etc. in COM.

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More support for: Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite

Software version: 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2

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Modified date: 31 March 2013