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Target is not displayed during FastBack BMR restore

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During a FastBack BMR restore, the target disk is not displayed, so the restore cannot proceed.


During a FastBack BMR restore, a source snapshot is selected. When you attempt to select a destination disk, no destination disk is displayed.


The BMR CD does not contain the storage driver for the target machine.

Diagnosing the problem

1. Download the "devcon" utility from Microsoft and put the utility onto a USB drive.

2. Run the following command from the BMR command prompt:
devcon findall * > <path and file name, like c:\devcon.txt>

3. In the output of the devcon command, look for the hardware ID of the storage in the SCSI adapter/controller line. For example:
PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0056&SUBSYS_03BB1014&REV_08\4&D306D58&0&0048: SCSI Controller

If the target machine has RAID storage, another example is the following string:

PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0073&SUBSYS_03B11014&REV_03\4&27493EDB&0&00E0: RAID

4. Open the registry from the BMR command prompt and search for the hardware ID in the following directory:
If you cannot find the hardware ID, the storage driver that is needed for the target machine is not included on the BMR CD.

Resolving the problem

Download the correct storage drive and build the BMR CD again. The storage drive should be consistent with the source snapshot. For example, if the source snapshot is Windows 2008 64-bit, then you must include the storage driver for Windows 2008 64-bit on the BMR CD. Additionally, verify that the storage driver *.inf file is present and ensure that the file supports the target machine hardware ID that is shown in the output of the devcon command.

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