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Wscansw hangs and does not complete

Technote (troubleshooting)


TPM discoveries for software use the wscansw CIT tool, and under some conditions wscansw might hang due to a automounter issue.


wscansw does not complete. You may see it persisting in the ps -ef output. The signature output file cit_Signature.xml is missing the final closing /MatchedSignatures delimiter.


One cause is the automounter is inoperative.

Diagnosing the problem

1. First use to get the TCA logs.

2. Check trace-log-0.xml for wscansw, and look for any exceptions (for the automounter hang, there will not be any exceptions, nor any traces indicating success.

3. Check ps -ef | grep -i wscan (are there any old ones hung?, if so kill them kill -9 pid)

4. /opt/tivoli/cit/bin/wscanfs -dl

This output should return all the drives, local and remote mounted. If this command hangs, you probably have an automounter issue.

5. if wscanfs hangs, do the following

5a. cat /etc/auto_master

5b. for each mounted entry, do ls -l <mounted on>

5c. if ls hangs, you know the cause of wscanfs hanging.

6. lssrc -a | grep -i autofs (AIX syntax)

6a. if you see the automounter is "inoperative" do 6b.

6b. startsrc -s automountd

if the status changes from inoperative to active,

then check wscanfs -dl ; if it works okay, wscansw will work too.

Note: sometimes you can ExcludeDirectory in the TPMconfig.xml file that will exclude directories from the scan, but for some automounter issues that will not be enough.

If you use automounted drives be sure that they are operative.

Note: additional exclusion of mounted drives can be done by adding this line to the TPMconfig.xml file on the target.
<Attribute name="assumeAutoFS" value="remote" />
Add the line in the first FSScanner section.
The assumeAutoFS parameter is case sensitive, and will not work if mis-capitalized.

Resolving the problem

Start the automounter service if your symptoms match above.

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Provisioning Manager

Software version: 7.1.1, 7.2,,, 7.2.1, 7.2.2

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris

Reference #: 1632868

Modified date: 05 June 2015

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