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Cannot or unable to create the reporting schema in OpenPages

Technote (troubleshooting)


When trying to create a Reporting Schema, the process errors out.


There are invalid relationships or versions stored in the reporting period snapshots

Diagnosing the problem

In the OpenPages UI, navigate to "Administration" => "Reporting Schema"

Select the name of the "Create Reporting Schema" that failed.

Select the "View Log" button.

One of the top rows will show a status as follows:

Create Reporting Schema: ERROR Object = General_; Parameters = [-2291, ORA-02291: integrity constraint (OPENPAGES.SYS_C0083370) violated - parent key not found, INSERT INTO rt__process_subprocess(process_id,subprocess_id,hier_instance_id,reporting_period_id,is_primary,distance) VALUES (:BIND_1,:BIND_2,:BIN...] The requested operation could not be completed. Please contact your System Administrator.

Resolving the problem

The steps to run are as follows: after downloading the associated SQL files:

  1. An Administrator must log onto the OpenPages Application server and copy the attached files to this Technote into a folder (i.e. C:\OP_FIX).
  2. Open a CMD, and CD to the folder that the files were downloaded to in step 1.
  3. Log into the OpenPages database as the OPENPAGES schema (not a DBA). An example is as follows:
    sqlplus openpages/openpages@SID
  4. Run the following command:
  5. Run the following command:
  6. Log into the OpenPages Application as an Administrator.
  7. Using the navigation menubar, navigate to "Administration" => "Reporting Schema".
  8. Make sure that System Admin Mode (SAM) is enabled.
  9. Drop the Reporting Schema.
  10. Create the Reporting Schema.

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Modified date: 29 August 2014

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