TDI package needed for directory integrator features of ITDSv6.3

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Where can I find the Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.1 package needed to use the ITDSv6.3 idssnmp, idsadsync or idslogmgmt solutions?


ITDSv6.3 provided a soft bundle on Passport Advantage to the Tivoli Directory Integrator version 7.1 package.


As indicated in the System Requirements guide, under optional prerequisite software:

For IBM Tivoli® Directory Integrator solutions
If you want to use SNMP, perform Active Directory synchronization, or manage logs, Tivoli Directory Integrator version 7.1 is required.

Since IBM Tivoli Directory Server v6.3 provided a soft bundler to TDI 7.1, the TDI 7.1 package is not included within the ITDSv6.3 pacakages.

ITDSv6.3 Part Numbers:

To Download the TDI 7.1, you will need to download the TDI 7.1 package separately on Passport Advantage.

ITDI 7.1 Part Numbers:

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