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Updating Widget Catalog Design

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As with any Notes database, when you replace the design of a Widget Catalog database with the design from a new version of the toolbox.ntf template (as for example, when you update the template from the 8.5.3 to the 9.0 design), the design is not refreshed on open instances of the database. Instead, the Notes client caches the design elements while the database is open, and the then applies the elements the next time that you re-open the database.

After you upgrade the template design, custom launch settings that were configured for the database, and agents that had been enabled, are not restored automatically; you must reset any custom launch settings and re-enable these agents.

If you are upgrading the design of the Widget Catalog to the 9.0.1 template, you must also run an agent to convert existing data and prevent display errors. See the following Technote for more information:

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