CF4 reinstall fails with "Target `deploy-portlet-upgrade-wp.ap.impersonation' does not exist"

Technote (troubleshooting)


When attempting to reinstall CF4 on Portal after a failed installation, the installation may fail with a 'Target `deploy-portlet-upgrade-wp.ap.impersonation' does not exist' error in the ConfigTrace.log


In the ConfigTrace.log, the following error can be seen:
Target `deploy-portlet-upgrade-wp.ap.impersonation' does not exist in this project. It is used from target `action-deploy-portlets-applyMIGStatic-wp.ap.impersonation'.


This is caused by a defect in the CF4 rollback process. The version in wps.properties is incorrectly set to instead of This causes the subsequent upgrade attempt to remove/alter files it should not touch.

Resolving the problem

To workaround the issue, use the attached workaround script and these instructions:

1. Download the attached prepCF4.zip file.

2. Extract it to a temporary directory

3. Linux/Unix: Ensure the user has execute permissions on the prepCF4.sh file in the extracted directory.

4. Execute the following command from a command line:

    Windows: prepCF4.bat <PortalServer root>

      e.g. prepCF4.bat C:\IBM\WebSphere\PortalServer

    Linux/Unix: ./prepCF4.sh <PortalServer root>

      e.g. ./prepCF4.sh /opt/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer

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