z-centric jobs and dynamic jobs return error 126 on AIX

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Only on AIX machine when there are a lot of jobs that running in the same time, some jobs go in error with return code 126


You can see in the output of the jobs the message:

0403-015 Cannot access a required executable file. It is in use.

and the job status is ABEND


The root cause is some bug in AIX system, the AIX support in working to found a solution. Basically what happen is the file create by JobManager like in this example:


has not been closed by AIX operating system even if the JobManager successfully call the close() function. This behaviour is affect AIX 6.1, but not AIX 5.3.



Resolving the problem

As local workaround customer need to modify the taskLauncher.sh script as attach in this documents. The new script basically copy the script.sh file in an other file and exec it.

The new taskLauncher.sh is attached here


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Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Workload Scheduler Not Applicable AIX 8.5.1, 8.6

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IBM Workload Scheduler

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