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Unable to find the option 'Server' from preference menue in RPT 8.3 versions

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to assign a different port number from IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) is not possible as the 'Server 'option is missing from the preferences Wizard.


Open IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) and click Windows Menu > Preferences >Test

The Server option is missing from the list


RPT 8.3 started using JRE7 as compared to JRE6 as in previous versions.

Changing the default JRE 7 pointed from eclipse.ini file leads to adverse effects.

Resolving the problem

Ensure the JRE pointed from eclipse.ini file pointed from C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\SDP

Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\SDP\jdk\jre\bin\javaw.exe which is JRE7

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Modified date: 29 March 2013