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Is Domino 9 compatible with Sametime 8.x.x server products? FAQs

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Domino 9 has not been tested, and is not scheduled to be supported, with any of the Sametime 8.x.x Server products.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs):
Q1. Is Domino 9 compatible with Sametime 8.x.x server products?
A1. Domino 9 will not be supported in the 8.5.x releases of IBM Sametime. This support will be added in subsequent releases.

Q2. I've downloaded part #CRM44ML "Sametime for Domino 9," now what do I do?
A2. This part # provides the Sametime entitlement to install and set up a Sametime server that can be used to enable chat within your Notes and iNotes clients. Please follow the Sametime 8.5 Server installation instructions to install this on a separate 8.5.3 Domino server. This will serve as your Sametime chat server that your Notes/iNotes users hosted on a Domino 9 server will connect to for chat capabilities.

Q3. I want to deploy/install Domino 9 but I have existing Sametime servers, what should I do?
A3. Although the Sametime 8.5x server does not support installing on a Domino 9 server, the versions are designed to coexist within an existing infrastructure. Go ahead and upgrade existing mail and application servers to Domino 9.0. We recommend upgrading one server first, upgrading the design of your Domino Directory in the process, and letting that design change replicate out to your existing Domino infrastructure. Note that the Domino directory upgraded with the Domino 9 template design can replicate out to all of your Domino 8.x.x servers without issue, including your Domino 8.5.3 servers supporting Sametime 8.5.x. This is supported and works fine. Leave your Sametime servers running on Domino 8.5.3 until a future release of Sametime is announced and released that supports Domino 9. Although not announced, we have shared public roadmaps regarding Sametime deliverables planned for 2013, so stay tuned in this space.

Q4. I'm a brand new Domino 9 customer and haven't started anything yet, what do I do if I want to install Sametime?
A4. Go ahead and set up your Domino 9 infrastructure. For Sametime, you will find your entitlement part #CRG1KML in the Passport Advantage portal. This version of Sametime pre-reqs a Domino 8.5.3 server. This configuration is fine within your Domino infrastructure. Your mail and application servers can be Domino 9.0 and your Sametime 8.5.x server will be installed on a Domino 8.5.3 server.

Q5. Will IBM Technical Support support me if I install Sametime 8.5.x with Domino 9?
A5. There are technical limitations that prevent us from supporting Sametime 8.5.x installed on a Domino 9 server. Please install Sametime 8.5.x on a Domino 8.5.3 server. Your Domino 9.0 servers hosting Notes, iNotes, or applications that provide presence awareness and chat capabilities will work fine communicating with the Sametime 8.5.x server installed on top of Domino 8.5.3.

Q6. Can iNotes 9 integrate with a Sametime 8.5x proxy server? (Not installed on top of Domino.)
A6. Yes, iNotes 9 supports Sametime Proxy version 8.5.2 IFR1 or later.

Q7. What if I have concerns about this issue or would like to provide quality feedback?
A7. Please follow the link to our ICS Quality Survey here.

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