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How to install multiple test engines in RTVS

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How do you install multiple test engines under IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server (RTVS) Agent?


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The steps to create multiple test engines is described in the "IBM Rational Performance Test Server 8.0.0 Reference Guide"

for RIT version and after

  1. Refer to IBM Rational Performance Test Server 8.0.0 Reference Guide by accessing one of following ways on your computer.
    • Select Start Programs > IBM Rational Integration Tester > Documentation > Rational Performance Test Server Reference Guide

    • Access the file called rpts_ref.pdf directly, which should be located in the Rational Integration Tester default installation directory:
      C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalIntegrationTester\docs

  2. Refer to page 12 section titled Creating Multiple Test Engines (Optional)

  3. Edit the Agent.config file (C:\Program Files\IBM\RIT-Agent\config\Agent.config) to add the additional engines

  4. Add test engines to the appropriate section as shown below for Engine1 and Engine2

    C:\Program Files\IBM\RIT-Agent\config>type agent.config
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><applications>
    <application type="TestEngine" workingDirectory="."dataHome="@user.home/.rit8/perf-workspace">
    <!-- <logging enabled="true" directory="./log" /> -->
    <arg value=".\TestEngine.exe"/>
    <arg value="-processId"/>
    <arg id="ProcessId"/>
    <arg value="-eventURL"/>
    <arg id="EventURL"/>
    <arg value="-httpPort"/>
    <arg value="0"/>
    <instance name="Engine1"/>
    <instance name="Engine2"/>

  5. Save Agent.config file

  6. Stop the agent and restart the agent

  7. Open the command line and look at the output to confirm Engine1 and Engine2 have been created for 8.0.1.x and abov
    • Run Agent.exe  C:\Program Files\IBM\RIT-Agent>Agent.exe

  8. Double click on the agent to see its properties in Physical view
    • If there is a Query button, click on Query and you'll see Engine1 and Engine2
    • If Query button is not there, press the Add button and add Engine1 and Engine2

  9. Click OK

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