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Read-only, long text fields will be cleared of their values when objects are updated

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An issue (APAR: PM80256) has been identified in the OpenPages GRC Platform that could lead to unintended data changes. Customers with read-only long text fields in their profiles will find the fields are cleared of their values when objects are updated.


Read-only long text fields can be cleared of data when the objects are updated. This will only occur with long text fields configured to be read-only in the profile. Please see PM80256 for additional details on test scenarios.

IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 6.2 and 6.2 IF1

Until a fix for this issue is released, customers should not configure long text fields to be read only. Removing the read-only flag from long text fields in the profile will avoid this issue.

To restore any data that was cleared from a read-only field, review the audit history for affected objects and restore the data based on the changes captured therein.

OpenPages 6.2 IF2 has been release to addresses this problem. Please see OpenPages GRC Platform (Interim Fix 2) for more details

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Modified date: 2013-05-29