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WMQ application abends with ABEND0D6 reason code 00000026

Technote (troubleshooting)


Your COBOL application using WebSphere MQ (WMQ) abends with ABEND0D6 reason code 00000026.


You might also receive message CSQ3201E:

USER=userid CONNECTION-ID=connection-id
THREAD-XREF=thread-cross-reference number JOBNAME=jobname ASID=address-space-id


Smart/RESTART, a third-party checkpoint and restart product for zOS batch applications, is releasing virtual storage. The abend occurs because a restart is performed and an outstanding WebSphere MQ connection exists. For this jobstream, the abend occurs when an SQL statement waits for a lock on a DB2 table, and is timed out. A SQLCODE return code -911 is received. Smart/RESTART automatically restarts the program, however, the WebSphere MQ connection is not managed as part of the process.

Diagnosing the problem

You can use the IPCS VERBEXIT MTRACE command to analyze the dump. In the analysis you might see the following messages:

SRSA46I - Releasing all subpool 0, 1, 2 virtual storage
SRSI035I - Smart/RESTART Version 10.1.7 (A1) initialization
SRSC122I - Smart/RESTART abends will be issued via User

Resolving the problem

1) Rewrite your program to conform to the Resource Recovery Services (RRS) process managed by Smart/RESTART. Ensure that the Smart/RESTART product manages the queues, rather than by using the COBOL program to manage the queues.

2) Remove Smart/RESTART from the jobstream and programs.

1. As noted above, Smart/RESTART is not an IBM product. It is a third-party checkpoint and restart product for zOS batch applications.

2, Chapter 24 "Smart/RESTART support for WebSphere MQ" in the Smart/RESTART User's Guide contains additional information from Smart/RESTART on their interface with WebSphere MQ.

3. Refer to the Relational Architects International web site for further details and documentation on Smart/RESTART.

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Modified date: 28 June 2013

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