Clear text passwords are shown in "Create Project with a Workload Deployer Pattern" UI in SimpleSRM

Technote (troubleshooting)


When tried to create project with a Workload Deployer Pattern, password fields "WebSphere Repository Password" and "Intelligent Management Pack Repository Password" are showing clear text and are not encrypted.


Tivoli Service Automation Manager 7.2.3

Tivoli Service Automation Manager 7.2.4

Diagnosing the problem

WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance Discovery in Tivoli Provisioning Manager doesn't set "WebSphere Repository Password" and "Intelligent Management Pack Repository Password" template parameters in configuration templates for the software stacks created for each IWD pattern as encrypted

Resolving the problem

After successful 'WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance Discovery' in Tivoli Provisioning Manager, perform below steps in maximo UI to make password fields encrypted.

1. Goto -> IT Infrastructure -> Image Library -> Master Images

2. In the list of Master Images, search for the image with pattern name and click on the image

3. In the Image details, select Software stack and click on "Go To Software Stacks"

4. In the Software Stack details, expand Configuration templates till the leaf and click "Stand-alone server_properties"

5. Under the "Template parameters" table, select "WebSphere Repository Password" parameter and make sure under "Details" table ensure "Encrypted?" check box is checked.

6. Perform step 5 for "Intelligent Management Pack Repository Password" parameter.

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