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How to upgrade Apache Tomcat in Rational Quality Manager

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How do you upgrade Apache Tomcat to avoid vulnerabilities in IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM)


RQM v2.0.1.1 has been bundled with Tomcat server v5.5.28

With this versions of Tomcat, you would see the following vulnerabilities:

  1. X.509 Server Certificate Is Invalid/Expired
  2. Apache Tomcat default installation/welcome page installed
  3. MD5-based Signature in TLS/SSL Server X

Note: RQM v3.0 release has been bundled with Tomcat Server v5.5.30



  1. Install RQM (Ignore if already installed and proceed to Step 2)

  2. Download tomcat 5.5.30 from

  3. Stop the server

  4. Rename the server\tomcat directory to tomcat_5.5.28

  5. Unzip the tomcat 5.5.30 zip into the server directory

  6. Rename the resulting apache-tomcat-5.5.30 directory to tomcat

  7. Copy the tomcat_5.5.28/ibm-team-ssl.keystore file into the tomcat directory

  8. Copy the conf directory under tomcat_5.5.28 into the 'tomcat' directory
    Ensure to overwrite existing files

  9. Copy the product-related *.war files from the tomcat_5.5.28/webapps directory into the tomcat/webapps directory

  10. Start up the RQM server to validate its services

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