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Users are timed out when returning from printing reports in Maximo

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Why do users get logged out of Maximo after running reports, and how can it be resolved?


Users in Maximo time out when returning from any report, from any application. This applies to both out of the box and customized reports. The reports are executed from Select Action> Run reports menu. This does not happen when Direct Print is used. If BIRT-only Report Server (BROS) is configured on your environment, please follow this information, as described in the Report Performance guide:
"...The hostname in the Version 7 URL cannot be the same as the hostname in the BROS URL. For example, if the user logs into Maximo as, the hostname is "". The BROS value,, can not also use If the same hostnames are used, the Maximo UI Session will become invalid, and the user will be logged out."

NOTE: To access V7 Report Performance guide, please go to this URL:

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Software version: 7.5

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1632253

Modified date: 12 November 2014

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