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Upgrade causes existing symbols to display without their depictions in Rational System Architect

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After upgrading existing symbols that were displayed with depictions will display without these in IBM Rational System Architect (SA).



After you upgrade your Encyclopedia to release 11.4.2 or later any existing symbols that were displayed with depictions will be displayed with a rectangle or square. You may notice this on any diagram type either built-in or user defined.


Prior to release 11.4.2 symbols would be displayed with depictions. Release 11.4.2 introduced a new feature to enable you to change them and the default has changed to rectangle or square.

The upgrade paths affected are:

  • Any SA version less than 11.4.2 to versions 11.4.2 (or later) or 11.4.2.x (or later)
  • Version 11.4.2 to versions or or


You will have to change the symbols back to a depiction if that is how you desire the symbols to be displayed. This can be done using a macro or manual steps. Further information on how this can be found in the document, 1600114: How to change or set default style or size for a symbol or depiction on a diagram in Rational System Architect


If you are upgrading from SA versions or or you are not affected by this issue.

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Software version: 11.4.2,,,,,,,, 11.4.3,

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1632185

Modified date: 02 December 2014