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Implementation of xsl in exploded (development) mode.

Technote (troubleshooting)


For implementing the xsl in exploded(development) mode what steps a user should follow:

Resolving the problem

While implementing the xsl in exploded mode a user can simply paste the xsl file in the location "WEB-INF\classes\global\template\xsl\extn" present under the deployed directory, for example "SSFS92\smcfs\WEB-INF\classes\global\template\xsl\extn" and then while adding the XSL

Translator in a service user has to pass the path as "WEB-INF\classes\global\template\xsl\extn\XSLFILE" in the XSL Name entry for the XSL in the

After the above steps if a user calls the service in which that xsl is configured it would be called easily.

Note: If a user does not find this path \global\template\xsl\extn then he would have to add the path manually for following the above steps.

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