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Attempts to perform operations against remote targets running the Tivoli Common Agent (TCA) results in error when using IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager.


"COPCOM361E The provisioning server could not connect to the agent manager server. The error is: A71DBFF69FB811DFAC68086309125163 != 14A328007D9C11E19F330863B4A622F6 "


The tivguid variable has been changed. This error Indicates a mismatch in the TIVGUID as TPM expects the first variable "A71DBFF69FB811DFAC68086309125163", however the current variable is set to "14A328007D9C11E19F330863B4A622F6". 

Diagnosing the problem

Using "root" user run the following command /usr/tivoli/guid/tivguid -show. This allows you to confirm the current variable the guid is set as. In this example it is clear that the guid has been changed from the original "A71DBFF69FB811DFAC68086309125163":

Tivoli GUID utility - Version 1 , Release 3 , Level 3 .

(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 2002, 2009 All Rights Reserved.


Resolving the problem

To set the old (original) guid value into the /etc/TIVGUID file.

1. Stop TPM

2. Run this command using your original guid value as noted in the COPCOM361E error message:

/usr/tivoli/guid/tivguid -write

3. Start TPM

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