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OneUIv.3 causing rendering issues with dojo types/controls

Technote (troubleshooting)


These 3 issues are ONLY issues in Firefox (FF version 10 & 17 was tested) This was NOT an issue on XPinC which is FF3.6

1. The Number Spinner disappears after you click it once. (workaround: You can use the up/down arrows instead).
2. The validation takes focus when the user enters incorrect text and the text is no longer displayed. (workaround: You can move focus away from the field, then select the "x" and continue to type in the text box)
3. The Multiselect slection is not rendering the same as the filtering select & combo box. It doesn't seem to be inheriting the theme correctly whereas the other 2 are. This is NOT a new issue for OneUIv.3 as also seeing this in OneUIv.2 but just may need some investigation when looking at the other 2 problems above

Fig 1.1: OneUIv.3 -> issues 1,2,3

4. Safari Only issue (version 5.1.7): No dropdown arrows appear for Filtering Select & Combo Box

Fig 1.2: OneUIv.3 -> issue 4

Resolving the problem

Further fixes for dojo controls styled by the OneUI302 library are not acceptable. The underlying dojo1.5 1ui302 theme is "tech preview". Therefore we cannot provide fixes for dojo 1.8 and broader widget issues.

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