Release 9: XPages paging issue in categorized views

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In Release 9, there is a regression in the view navigation scheme used by XPages. The problem shows itself as a paging issue and can occur in any application that has a view with multiple collapsed/expanded categories that span multiple pages. Specifically, when navigating across categories and expanding a category that has responses that should span many pages, you can reach a boundary condition where the next page does not display and the number of available pages drops to 1.

The data typically displays once you refresh the browser page or collapse the expanded category.


This issue is being tracked as SPR HBJW95PBZ8. The problem lies in a new view navigation scheme introduced in Domino 9.0 to overcome a performance issue in XPages categorized views.

To avoid encountering this issue, you can configure XPages to use the original 85x navigation scheme rather than the new 9.0 scheme.

This is done using the file and the following line:


To configure this change for all XPages applications running on a server and in the client, this line must be added to the file in the \data\properties folder in the two locations of the XPages runtime: the Notes Client and on the Domino server. For the server, this file must be created because there is no by default.

When you revert the navigation scheme, the performance issue noted above can occur when expanding categories that have a large number (tens of thousands) of children. SPR RGAU8UJGDS

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