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Tivoli Desktop for Windows login fails -- error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Troubleshooting login failures from Windows Tivoli Desktop for Windows to Solaris TMR?
Have same problem with TEC console GUI as well.


Get generic "Connection Failed" pop-up with "Error connecting to host."
Trying to log in as root (root login added). Password is correct.
$root_user and $root_group both resolve to root.
Remote client login set to version_2.
Single Port BDT is true with port 9401.
Perform local hostname lookup for IOM connections set to TRUE.


This is a QAS-enabled server.



Resolving the problem

If a TMR is running on a QAS enabled server you must make the following
updates. The issue manifests itself as users (and even root) not
being able to logon using the Tivoli Desktop.

/etc/pam.conf (add to the bottom of the file)

oserv auth sufficient create_homedir
get_nonvas_pass try_first_pass
oserv auth requisite echo_return
oserv auth requisite use_first_pass
oserv auth required use_first_pass
oserv auth required use_first_pass


(add the following lines just before the 'case "$1" in' line)
## Added per PMR 41149,499
export LD_PRELOAD_32
ulimit -Sn 1024

Restart oserv.

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More support for: Tivoli Management Framework

Software version: All Versions

Operating system(s): Solaris

Reference #: 1631356

Modified date: 20 January 2015

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