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Monitor does not start - Sterling Connect:Express for UNIX

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"Monitor CEXP not Present but Queue exists" error message when you try to start the IBM Sterling Connect:Express UNIX Monitor


The Monitor of IBM Sterling Connect:Express for UNIX doesn't start and the following error messages can be seen in the console:

Sending Stop Message to Monitor CEXP ...

Waiting for acknowledgment .....

Monitor CEXP not Present but Queue exists.

Error in Deleting Message Queue : Invalid argument


The problem is due to a restart of the monitor performed while a reorganisation of the database is being processed. It is necessary to wait until the reorganisation finishes before starting the Monitor.

If there is not a purge of the history of the transfers, the Catalog file grows and the time necessary for the re-organisation increases.

Resolving the problem

  1. To reset the RENC file the first time to solve the problem do the following:
    • cd $ TOM_DIR / config -> position in the IBM Sterling Connect:Express configuration directory.
    • . / Ch_conf / RBUILD = 0 -> avoids the introduction of the automatic reorganisation at the next stop (although rebuild = 1 in the SYSIN file)

    • $ Stop_tom -> Stop the Monitor.
    • rm RENC .* -> suppression of historical transfers (backup it before deleting this file).
    • -> reset the database file.
    • $ start_tom -> Restart the Monitor.
  2. To set the periodic purging and reorganisation do the following:

    A weekly or daily purge of the history of the transfers is necessary (for example, p1b8ppur launch via crontab) so that the catalog file (named RENC file) is not too large (see documentation IBM Sterling Connect:Express for Unix User_Guide).
    1. In the configuration file (named SYSIN file) it is possible to set (RBUILD = 1) for the automatic reorganisation of the database at each stop-restart of the monitor.
    2. If RBUILD = 0 in the SYSIN file, there will be no automatic reorganisation. In this case, set up the reorganisation through the normal procedure using

- Establish a procedure for purging the history of the daily transfers through crontab the following way:

$TOM_DIR/itom/p1b8ppur (launch every night for cleaning the transfer history of the day).

To restart the monitor, position the REBUILD option = 0 in the file $ TOM_DIR / config / SYSIN and implement a reorganisation procedure weekly or on a monthly basis that launches the process via crontab TOM_DIR $ / config /

To check if the reorganisation is finished, check if the executable tom_mon is no longer present the following way:

ps-ef | grep tom_mon

If the tom_mon process is found, it means that the reorganisation is underway.

Document information

More support for: Sterling Connect:Express for UNIX

Software version: 1.4, 1.5

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris

Reference #: 1628959

Modified date: 12 July 2013

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