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Installing ILMT 7.5 Server on High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP)

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Is it recommended to install ILMT 7.5 Server on HACMP?


It is possible to set up the LMT 7.5 Server on HACMP, however it is not recommended, due to the following:

1) It was not tested internally in this configuration, so further unknown issues might occur.

2) The application itself is not particularly suitable for HACMP, since to the number of the resources used for an application that can handle moderately long (a few hours/1 day) downtime and does not provide services that must be available without interruptions.

However, if you decide to run ILMT 7.5 Server on HACMP, the following should be taken into consideration:

1) Only one instance of server can use a particular instance of DB2 simultaneously;

2) Server uses Tivoli Common Directory (TCD) as a place holder for logs (it is defined in /etc/ibm/tivoli/common/cfg/, thus the definition of TCD and the TCD itself must be available from cluster;

3) The same Fix Pack level/Interim Fixes must be applied to every instance (assuming there will be more than one);

4) DB2 must be started before the ILMT server is started;

5) Clocks/times on both ILMT Server machine and on Database machine must be aligned.

For further issues regarding this topic, please contact IBM Support.

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