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How to prevent memory leaks in RIT

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How can you prevent memory leaks in IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT)?


There are no known memory leaks with RIT officially; however, remembering a few things may help in preventing future leaks.


Tips that may help in preventing probable memory leaks in RIT are as below :

  1. Double-click the memory indicator in the bottom right of the screen to force the garbage collector to run.
    • This will give you a true idea of how much memory is actually in use. The garbage collector will run as a low-priority thread anyway and when memory is low and more is required by the program.
  2. Apply a JVM argument to truncate the console output to save memory (put in Library Manager and re-start):
    • Dcom.ghc.ghTester.gui.console.trim=true (trim to 300000 chars)
    • Dcom.ghc.ghTester.gui.console.trim=100000 (trim to your desired size)

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