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How to make Rational Rhapsody Gateway Add On recognize and analyze user-defined types of Requirement Elements

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How do you make IBM Rational Rhapsody Gateway Add On analyze user-defined types of Requirement elements in the same way as tool's pre-defined Requirement types?


In some cases, user-defined Requirement elements would be introduced in Rhapsody model. When collaborating the model with Gateway Add On (Gateway), the new type of those requirements won't be automatically recognized by Gateway hence those requirements won't be taken into account when performing further analysis.


Rhapsody Gateway recognizes profiles. Managing the user-defined type of Requirement Elements in Rhapsody profile and creating new types definition in Gateway could solve the problem.

Below is the detailed steps to follow:

  1. Add a user profile (suc as UserDefProfile) in Rhapsody model.

  2. Create a new stereotype (Functional Requirement) which is applicable to "Requirement" in UserDefProfile. At the same time, check "New Term" feature.

  3. Create a requirement element in the model with above user-defined stereotype of "Functional Requirement" selected.

  4. Highlight the root folder in the browser tree.

  5. Open Gateway via right-click -> [Rational Rhapsody Gateway] -> [Open].

  6. By default, requirement element "myFunctinalReq" won't be recognized as a requirement in Gateway.

  7. Select Gateway menu [Tools] -> [Generate types for this model] and next select the user profile from the open dialogue box.

  8. Click [Yes] button if the below dialogue pops up.

  9. Open Gateway Type Editor Window from menu [File] -> [Edit Types]. You can see previously selected UserDefProfile has been listed in the Type Editor. Expand the feature view of Requirement type defined in UserDefProfile and change the default value of "userDefinedMetaClass" into "^Functional Requirement$" as below.

  10. Click [Apply] button and allow the tool reanalyze the project. Once completed, you will see the added user-defined requirement is also recognized by Gateway.

Additional Information

If a user-defined requirement type has been used in multiple Rhapsody models, it's not an efficient way to create user profile every time and make Gateway generate types based on the user profile.

In this case, you can consider adding user requirement type directly into Gateway UML default type definition files (e.g. "rhapsody.types" file). Those type definition files are located under <product installation folder>\Gateway\config\types\UML folder. Note you should first change the file attribute to "writable" mode before you do any modification on the file.

If you are confident, you can directly add user type definition blocks using a suitable text editor. Or you can make the modification from Gateway Type Editor interface via context menu as below:

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