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DNS suffix search list not propagated to the VM

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Why is DNS suffix search list not propagated to the VM?


You will run into this problem if you only modify the network template and not the customer network instance.
The network template is only used for a new customer. If you want to have the changes for existing customers, you have to modify the customer network instance. In TSAM 722 FP2, you have to do this by exporting the customer network instance to a XML, modifying the XML and importing it again.

The customer network instances are used during create project. Later fixpacks of TSAM provide an enhanced version of the Cloud Network Administration Application which allows to update the customer and project network instances from the template. In TSAM 722 FP2, this is a manual task via export, modify and import of the customer network instance.

Please refer to the info center for more details:

So the behavior you see is correct. Changes to the network template will only affect new customers. You have to do the modification on the customer network instance.

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Systems and Asset Management IBM Service Delivery Manager Linux 7.2.2

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