Subsequent import of baseline from ClearCase into RTC displays name as 'Initial-baseline'

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Attempts to subsequently import baselines from IBM Rational ClearCase into IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) results in not showing the correct baseline name for the component and instead shows as 'Initial-baseline'.


When an import is performed for the first time using RTC-ClearCase synchronizer, the baseline name for the component in RTC displays correctly, as in ClearCase.

Subsequent import of baselines for the component from ClearCase into RTC results the baseline name as Initial-baseline.

The issue is seen only with subsequent imports for the same component.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In ClearCase, there are following artifacts with their respective names:

    Stream - A
    Component - B
    Baseline - C

    Imports these artifacts to RTC, the artifacts with their names are displayed in RTC as below:

    Stream - A
    Component - B
    Baseline - C

  2. Subsequent import, say there are following artifacts with their respective names in ClearCase:

    Stream - D
    Component - B (same component as in 1.)
    Baseline - F

    Given this scenario, when the user performs an import to RTC from ClearCase the following is what is seen in RTC:

    Stream - D
    Component - B (same component as in 1.)
    Baseline - Initial-baseline

    In the second time, the baseline shows as Initial-baseline instead of F, unlike in step 1 mentioned 1 above.


Initial Baseline is displayed rather than the latest baseline next to the component in RTC because the ClearCase importer creates RTC baselines in an internal workspace (clone workspace) rather than the RTC stream.

Currently, this is the default behavior in RTC.

Enhancement 208180 has been submitted to change this behavior.

Resolving the problem

Rational Team Concert 4.0.3 version and future releases will now contain the name of the correct baseline in subsequent imports from ClearCase.


Create a new baseline in RTC with the same name as in ClearCase and then use that baseline.

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