Synch up failed between IWD and HSLT

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Create user and group in Admin Console, add the user to the group. From IWD Console
create the same group and user with LDAP enabled. But that user and group don't get synched up between HSLT and IWD and you cannot add the user to the group in IWD.

Resolving the problem

IWD and HSLT groups are different and they are not synched in SCP 2.1 but consider that their scope is different:
- IWD groups can be used to manage the ACL (Access Control List) of the objects (cloud groups , images , ... )
- HSLT groups can be mainly used to manage the quotas.

This URL:

describes how to create an user to have it in IWD and HSLT (using or not a shared LDAP).

So depending on how you want to configure the accesses and the quotas they can be both configured or not. In order to improve the documentation to explain better the difference between the IWD and HSLT groups and how they can be managed using the LDAP or just the local repository, I opened DOC APAR ZZ00071.

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