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Applying a line style to a node symbol in Rational Ssytem Architect

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Can you apply a line style to a node symbol in IBM Rational System Architect (SA)?


You are trying to change how the lines that make up a node symbol are shaped to match another node symbol. If you right click on the node symbol, then select Symbol Format > Line, there is a Curvature option. Setting this has no effect on the lines composing the node symbol.


You cannot apply a line style to a node symbol in SA.

The line style dialog box says: line style for new lines on this diagram

This means you cannot apply a line style on a symbol that is not a line. If you right click on any node symbol and go to Symbol Format > Symbol Style, notice that you cannot set a line style.


You can create a symbol and use the DEPICT LIKE keyword combination in the Encyclopedia USRPROPS.txt file to specify how a symbol is depicted on a diagram.

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