All Communication Sessions hang at GDW_Send, GDW_Receive, GDW_Send_Receive

Technote (troubleshooting)


Sessions hang at GDW_Send, GDW_Receive, GDW_Send_Receive. More than 6 sessions are triggered and the commmgr is hanging.


All communication sessions stop at

CommMgr: Received request to invoke communications.


More than 6 Communication Sessions kicked off at once or the " Auto Send" is checked on the mailbox (FTP type).

Resolving the problem

Change Concurrent Process Control Sessions to 3.

1. Open Gentran Configuration

2. Check "Limit Concurrent Process Control Sessions"

3. Type the number 3

Sessions will still complete as normal and will run efficiently with the resources available.

Steps to review the SEND AUTO:
- Open Mailbox Manager --> Tools > Mailbox
- Right Click on the mailbox involved in the send > PROPERTIES > GATEWAY tab > CONFIGURE
- UNcheck box for "Auto send messages immediately"
- Okay and exit out of the mailbox properties.

Auto Send is only for mailboxes that are not tied to the Gentran Translation steps and the mailbox is just used for the FTP purpose only. It's meant to trigger a comm session, it however does not have any knowledge of already scheduled comm sessions and can cause delays & contention. We recommend batching the writes to these kinds of FTP mailboxes and it be timed with other GDW_SEND type events.

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