SCCD:License App- Unable to assign softwareName to License Key

Technote (troubleshooting)


User is not able to edit softwareName for License Key for the associated software Product


Go to ASSETS -> Licenses

Create a new license ( populate the required fields in the License tab)
and select a Software Name (from the Software Catalog) in the
Software field in the 'Associated Products' Section
Save the record
Add a License Key by going to the License Keys tab. (the Software Name
field in the Product section is read-only)
Open the details (twistie) of the first line
Populate the License Key Value field and the Key Type field in the
Details section. (the Software Name field in the Details section
remains read-only)
Click on the menu icon after the Software Name field to select a
Software Name. The Software Name associated to the license is available
to be selected.
Click the software name, an error dialog appears that states that the
field is read-only.
BMXAA2256E - Field Software Name is read-only.

Resolving the problem

This functionality works fine in other releases Tamit72, SCCD75, SCCD7502, SCCD7510 that does not have Tpae 7503
The issue exist with Tpae 7503 only (IV36105)

Product Alias/Synonym

Smart Cloud Control Desk

Document information

More support for:

Control Desk

Software version:

7.5, 7.5.1

Operating system(s):

AIX, Linux, Windows

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