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MustGather: Collecting data for an IBM Informix Extended Parallel Server (XPS) performance issue on UNIX platforms

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Collecting data for general engine performance problems with XPS on UNIX. Gathering this information before calling IBM® support helps familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and saves you time.


Gather the following performance specific information once you encounter problem with XPS on UNIX platforms:

    1. Obtain the "" file (attached below) and save it to the directory it will be executed from
    2. Rename to
    3. Make executable
    4. Execute while experiencing the performance problem. Use the bash shell

Note: This articles covers AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris platforms.

Once you have collected your information, you can begin Problem Determination through the product Support web page, or simply submit the diagnostic information to IBM support.

You can submit files using one of following methods to help speed problem diagnosis:
    · IBM Support Assistant (ISA)
    · Electronic Service Request (ESR)
    · FTP to the Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep)

See the Related information article, Submitting diagnostic information to IBM Technical Support for problem determination

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More support for: Informix Extended Parallel Server

Software version: 8.5

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Solaris

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Modified date: 04 May 2017

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