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Known Issues in Tivoli Endpoint Manager 9.0

Technote (troubleshooting)


Known Issues in TEM 9.0.835

Resolving the problem


  • DSA: Race condition when editing LDAP settings and rotating the server signing key (issue #47654)
  • DSA: Server unable to notify client on secondary server (issue #59094)
  • Admin Tool: When creating a Console operator with the BESAdmin.exe command line option, the operator will not be created until BESAdmin.exe is opened in GUI mode (#56066)
  • Database upgrade fails when upgrading from 8.2.1400 (8.2 Patch 8) or 8.2.1409 (8.2 Patch 9) to 9.0.586 or 9.0.649. Database upgrades will work from 8.2.1400 to 9.0.835 or 8.2.1409. (#58271)

Server (Linux)
  • Active Directory: users defined in any additional domain controller (same level or child level) cannot authenticate (issue #55517)
  • Active Directory operators are not able to log-in after upgrade. (issue #59420)
    Work around:
    This issue occurs because, with 9.0.835.0, the IBM Endpoint Manager underlying protocol on Linux systems changed from SSL to Kerberos.
    To upgrade to Patch 2 level and continue the integration, run the following steps:
    1) Take notice note of the Active Directory-related configuration on IBM Endpoint Manager.
    2) Remove the Active Directory integration.
    3) Upgrade IBM Endpoint Manager to 9.0.835.0.
    4) On the Console, select Tools -> Add LDAP directory to add again the integration with Active Directory.
    5) Set again the Active Directory-related configuration on IBM Endpoint Manager.

  • Windows 8: .bes and .efxm files are not correctly associated with the Console by default (issue #55587)
  • Some dashboard API functions fail on IE 10 (issue #55871).

  • It is possible create the same Role multiple times (issue #55230)
  • No support for manual computer groups (issue #55444)
  • Post 'site' doesn't work (issue #55232)

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More support for: IBM BigFix family

Software version: 9.0

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1628247

Modified date: 18 August 2014