Additional advanced options for WebSphere Application Server Version with SmartCloud Application Workload Service (SCAWS)



With SmartCloud Application Workload Service (SCAWS), the IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 image includes commonly used advanced options; however, there are additional advanced options also available for WebSphere Application Server Version


The additional advanced options available for WebSphere Application Server Version include the following:

  • Define clusters
    • Enable messaging
    • Enable session persistence

  • Global security

The following tar file would need to be transferred into a tmp directory on the SCAWS instance, extracted, and executed.
To extract the tar file:

    -xvf advance_options.tar

To install the options:   <ip_address>   <login_name>   <login_password>

For an ITE machine, for example, it would be: cbbuild cbbuild

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