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DXL import of a PNG file reports "Warning: Ignoring Portion Of Document That Uses A feature from another version of Notes". The PNG image becomes lost during conversion.

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In some instances documents containing a PNG picture when exported to DXL and then imported back will display the following error:

"Warning: Ignoring portion of document that uses a feature from another version of Notes."

The PNG object is lost during the DXL export. The following is a sample of the corruption within the DXL. The PNG data is sent as incomplete compositeData.

    <picture width='160px' height='19px'><bitmap/></picture>
    <compositedata type='82' prevtype='125' nexttype='124' afterparcount='5'
     containertype='65453' afterbegincount='180'>
    <compositedata type='65482' prevtype='124' nexttype='65413' afterparcount='7' containertype='65453' afterbegincount='182'>


This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR BHUY8XDK24. The issue was due to enhancement changes to DXL introduced in 8.5.2.

PNG images are stored in a RichText field using a "IMAGEHEADER2" CD Record, which was not recognized in DXL until 8.53FP3.


The issue is resolved in 8.5.3FP3 by SPR YLJA8JQ6RU. This SPR added recognition for the IMAGEHEADER2 CD record which represents a PNG image.

To resolve the issue the recommendation is to upgrade to 8.5.3FP3. However this will only resolve the issue for DXL exports generated after the upgrade. The upgrade will not recover the PNG image from corrupted DXL exported files.

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