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Problems installing R Essentials 32-bit in Windows 64-bit environment

Technote (troubleshooting)


After apparent successful installation of the R Essentials for Statsitics 21 32-bit onto a Windows 64-bit environment the error 6887 is received when attempting to run an R program.


Unable to run R programs in Statistics. Attempting to do so generates the following error:

>Error # 6887. Command name: BEGIN PROGRAM
>External program failed during initialization.
>Execution of this command stops.
The spss package could not be loaded. Please make sure that Essentials for R has been successfully installed.


The installer for the R Essentials 32-bit is itself a 32-bit application. In a Windows 64-bit environment most 32-bit programs are invisibly redirected to to the "Program Files (x86)" folder when they attempt to access the "Program Files" folder in most instances. The installer attempts as part of its normal procedure to install a number of files into the R installation folder, which by default on a 64-bit system will be inside the "Program Files" folder. Due to the Windows redirection it instead places these files into the "Program Files (x86)" folder.

Diagnosing the problem

If this problem is encountered you can verify it by checking to see if a duplicate R install folder exists inside "Program Files (x86)". On a 64-bit system you should normally only have the R install folder inside "Program Files".

So in summary if this article is correct for your situation the following will be true:

- You will be using a 64-bit version of Windows

- You have install a 64-bit version of R into the "Program Folders" location (which is its default)

- You have chosen to use a 32-bit version of Statistics 21

- After installing R Essentials you should see a duplicate of your R install folder inside the "Program Files (x86)" folder. (Example you will have both "\Program Files\R" and "Program Files (x86)\R".)

Resolving the problem

When the R Essentials installer prompts you to confirm the installation folder for R navigate up to the C:\ folder, then navigate back down to where R is. Manually selecting the folder appears to avoid the Windows redirection to the "Program Files (x86)" folder and will avoid the problem it causes.

Document information

More support for: SPSS Statistics
Statistics Programmability Extension

Software version: 21.0

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1628209

Modified date: 08 June 2014

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